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Världens bästa CARRIE släpptes 1976 och fyller alltså 40 ÅR i år!
Vi firar med tårta, en storslagen presentation med anekdoter, skvaller och massor av info du inte visste om Brian de Palma och hans mästerverk, samt en splitterny 4K-version av filmen.

Så här skrev Roger Ebert i januari 1976 när filmen släpptes:

“Brian De Palma's "Carrie" is an absolutely spellbinding horror movie, with a shock at the end that's the best thing along those lines since the shark leaped aboard in "Jaws". It's also (and this is what makes it so good) an observant human portrait. This girl Carrie isn't another stereotyped product of the horror production line; she's a shy, pretty, and complicated high school senior who's a lot like kids we once knew.

There is a difference, though. She has telekenesis, the ability to manipulate things without touching them. It's a power that came upon her gradually, and was released in response to the shrill religious fanaticism of her mother. It manifests itself in small ways. She looks in a mirror, and it breaks. Then it mends itself. Her mother tries to touch her and is hurled back against a couch. But then, on prom night…”