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MONSTERS OF FILM returns for another week of fantastic cinematic experiences!

All roads lead to MONSTERS OF FILM, and this year’s festival will be open between the 14th
and 20th of September, 2020.

Submit through Filmfreeway at:
Submissions open March 23 – July 7, 2020

Awards and Prizes:

We proudly announce that the 2020 festival edition will feature the MONSTERS OF FILM
International short film section for the sixth time running.
A selection of submitted films will be chosen to compete and screened for our International
Jury, and in public, during the festival. The Jury will deliberate during the festival to select a
winner which will be announced ahead of the closing ceremony on September 20 th , 2020.

Monsters of Film is accepting entries from filmmakers all over the world.

All submitted films MUST be considered horror, sci-fi, arthouse or fantastic. Your film
must at least have elements of these genres, for if not, the screening committee will have
the option to disqualify your entry. MOF offer no refunds on submission fees for entries that
have been submitted against the terms.
(That is, if your short is a documentary on ecological stuff or minimum wage labour, it
probably isn’t for us. Although the Anthropocene is real horror.)

Good luck!

Submissions open March 23 through July 7th.
You will be notified in August.



• The film cannot have been produced earlier than 2018.
• The film must be completed by the time of submission.
(Final editing and/or colour/sound corrections excepted. However, the film must be fully
completed and ready for delivery and screening no later August 30, 2020.
• Let us know if there are any changes or updates regarding the film. If the update has
significant impact on the former content a new submission will have to be made.
• Online screener must always be delivered together with the submission form.
• If the film is selected for the MONSTERS OF FILM 2020, YOU must provide us with a hi-def
copy of the film, technical specifications and marketing material as well as deliver according
to the festivals specs (preferably DCP) before deadline.
• We do not accept material that in any way opposes a threat to people according to their
gender, ethnicity, beliefs, sexual orientation or disabilities.
• Submission of a film to MONSTERS OF FILM 2020 states that the film’s owner/maker
and/or producer accept the above rules.

Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of all the aforementioned regulations and
respect of submission and screening conditions. Furthermore, by completing the initial
online submission form (you/ your company) agree to the Festival’s terms of the release as
You/ Your company…
1) hereby grant(s) the organizers of MONSTERS OF FILM permission to screen the film during
the Festival and other associated promotional events.
2) [if chosen to compete in the Official Selection Short Film Award] agree to be bound by the
decision of the judges of the Festival whose decision will be final.
3) understand that there are no fees due to you for screening the film at the Festival or for
any other matters arising from the submission of the film to the Festival and accept that the
organizers of the Festival are therefore under no obligation to pay you any sums.
4) will be solely responsible for all costs regarding transports of the film to and from the
5) have obtained the appropriate copyright clearances for all music used in the film (if
6) have obtained signed release forms in relation to copyright and all other rights now
known from all the cast, crew and any freelance contributors who were involved in the
making of the film.
7) confirm and warrant that you are the author of the film and the sole and exclusive owner
of all rights now known in the Film and have full and exclusive rights to submit the film to
the Festival. You also warrant that there is no current dispute as to the ownership of the film
and that no rights or permissions are required from any third parties before the film can be
screened at the Festival.
8) have read, understood and agree to be fully bound by the Rules and Regulations 2020 of
the Festival.