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The 12 th Stockholm International Fantastic Film Festival – Monsters of Film will be playing from October 13th – October 22nd in Stockholm!

Monsters of Film is Stockholm’s first genre film festival with focus on horror, science-fiction, the amazing, the disturbing, the provocative, the suggestive, the surreal and the art, but above all, monsters!

Genre film has since the beginning of time symbolized important parts of how humans see and interpret what is happening in society. It’s often about a fear of the unknown, worry for the future, and a way of substantializing something unclear and abstract. Genre film is, the same way other films are, not only for entertainment and we hope to contribute to raising the status of genre film culturally. With Monsters of Film we don’t just want to entertain you with the themes mentioned above, but also discuss why the films was made, and what it means both then and now.

Since 2012, Monsters of Film has been organized by a team of driving spirits and other collaborating partners.

Monsters of Film:
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